Failure: Friend or Foe?
How do you respond to failure? Do you binge eat a pint of ice cream, curse the heavens or get right back up to try again? Here, four women share what they know about failing with resilience and how it can improve your career.

Catherine Courage, a rising star of the Silicon Valley, shares why failing fast and early are key to successful and continued innovation. Stanford’s Carol Dweck provides scientific evidence for the benefits of viewing your mistakes and setbacks as learning opportunities. Elaine Taylor-Klaus explains how to fail with grace and resilience in 6 simple steps. Tony Award-winning Artistic Director of the Alliance Theatre Susan Booth tells us why she’s always eager to take a risk and views failure as the ultimate assessment tool.

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The Corporate Go-Getter – Catherine Courage, SVP, Customer Experience, Citrix
The Expert – Carol Dweck, Professor, Stanford University
The Coach – Elaine Taylor-Klaus, Co-founder, Touchstone Coaching
The First Person – Susan Booth, Artistic Director, Alliance Theatre

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